How Do You Know Somebody Is Your Friend?

How Do You Know Somebody Is Your Friend?

The Power of Others Podcast –

Jordan Peterson says here’s how you can know somebody is your friend.

1. You can tell them bad news. And they won’t judge or trump your news. They won’t hijack the conversation.

2. You can tell them good news. And they won’t trump your news with something good that happened to them. Again, they won’t hijack the conversation.

Says Peterson:

“You can hang around with weasels and losers that are trying to pull you down…to justify the fact that they’re spiraling downhill…And you know the upside of that is you don’t have to have any responsibility and you can all whine about how wretched life is. That’s pretty attractive, but I would also say that’s a bad medium to long-term plan.”

“It’s acceptable and desirable to try to surround yourself with people who are facilitating your development. You might say, “Well, I’ve got people around, I know them well, they’re not doing that well, and they don’t fit into that category.” Well, what are you going to do with them? — Maybe the thing to do is to say, “You just have your misery. I’ll go off and have my life and maybe you’ll wake up at some point in the future and think that’s a better way of being.”

“You have the right and responsibility to surround yourself with people who are good for the best part of you.”

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