What Hatred & Blaming Have Taught Me

What Hatred & Blaming Have Taught Me

During the COVID 19 pandemic of 2020, I’ve had so many conversations about this topic that I can’t possibly count them. Or remember them.

It started early on. It was March. I think.

Opinions were already spewing like a gusher in the early oil boom. I could already tell there was so much we didn’t know. And since I’m not a hard science and math guy I knew I was ill-equipped to lead anybody in what might be proper action. So I read. And listened. Largely keeping my mouth shut about it – something not terribly difficult when it’s a topic I know nothing or little about.

As the pandemic has worn on the unrest and tension have gone up. Exponentially it seems.

Along with the judgment, criticism, hatred, and blaming.

It’s not the focal point lesson I’ve learned, but I have learned that people love to fight. I first saw it as a child. Kids love to fight. Adults even more so.

At some point, the hatred and complaining came my way. They always do come our way. You’re not immune. Nobody is.

As I listened to people rant, rail, and spew venom I had two pretty fast thoughts that came to mind. Only because I’m old and I’ve experienced a few things.

The first thought was time.

“What a waste of time,” I reasoned.

Society. Culture. Widespread venom.

Individuals. Families. Personal venom.

Living in America during the pandemic affords a terrific view of the first. People who support President Trump. People who don’t. Those who love him. Those who hate him. Shouting at the top of their lungs, desperate for others to know where they stand. Desperate for others to pay attention to them – because, after all, how they feel about our President makes all the difference in the world.

Meanwhile, the world goes on. Devolving into whatever state mankind is determined to take it. Individually, impacting us to whatever degree we allow it. Or not.

So far as I can tell, history is certainly shaped by Presidents, but my life – as an individual person, day to day – not so much. I can’t think of a single thing that a President did to alter the course of my life. One way or the other.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful to live in America. I appreciate our country and the good things provided by a republic form of government. And our laws have a direct impact on me daily, but when it comes to my decisions and determination to pursue whatever I choose…the person in the office has never mattered. I’m NOT saying that living in America doesn’t matter because it does. A great deal. I’m just saying the person at the top of the government food chain has never had the power over me that some seem to think he (or she) welds in their lives. But I’ve already told you I’m not a hard science or math guy so I could be just living my life in sheer stupidity. Something tells me that it might be best if I remain here. 😉

The personal hatred and blaming taught me something else. In addition to how much time we can waste in the practice.

As a Christian, I thought of God.

I couldn’t resist thinking of what He’s done for mankind in spite of what mankind has done to and against Him. If you ever start feeling sorry for yourself because people have misjudged you. Or mistreated you. Or falsely accused you. Or done anything ill against you whatsoever…think about God.

All the false accusations.

All the denials that He even exists.

All the good that He has supplied in spite of our sins.

All the blame directed at Him.

Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

That’s what I’ve learned about the hatred, blame, venom, misunderstanding, false accusations, inaccurate conclusions, and every other ill that’s ever been done to me. They’re all insignificant and inconsequential.

I’m not special.

Or unique.

Every person alive now and all those who have ever lived have endured similar treatment. At the hands of somebody.

All that remains is the answer to a question.

How will you respond to the hatred, blaming, and venom aimed at YOU?

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